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I Don't Love You Anymore

Σελίδα : 1


# 1 στις 6/10/2005
Γυναίκα / 48 / Παντρεμένη
Ν. Αττικής (Αθήνα) / Πετρούπολη
Θέματα: 358
Απαντήσεις: 1.282
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I don't love you anymore

By: Jason Cunningham

The hardest thing to get people who want to end a relationship to do, is not to leave the situation without dodging the other person. Getting revenge on the person you are about to break up is hurtful, and unproductive in a society that already has a problem with commitment. We should not be aiming to cause further psychological harm, therefore just move on with your life without noise.

Plenty of people experience a crushing blow by being told, "I don't love you anymore." These are hateful words that do not inspire a healthy outlook at the world, in most cases. I turn to good logic, and now express a need for this phrase to removed from all of our memories.

Imagine being on the receiving end of a "I don't love you anymore" speech. I already know some people who will read this article, in the past or the present, have been down that road. You feel as small as a ant, and there is nothing that can be said to make you feel better. Often an individual may reflect on their life, cry, and feel empty about the current situation. Giving yourself time to heal, is the only way you for your next relationship to be truly positive.

Words of hatred such as "I don't love you anymore" are not used to help the other person. These statements rip holes in the heart and mind of that person who must endure those harsh words. Too many of us have heard this, but in order for us to further civilization, let us all refrain from using those types of speeches. No matter your current feelings towards that individual, learn to keep it to yourself; if the words which you want to say are not positive. One of the lessons that I have learned in the life process, is to focus on one's own faults instead of correcting others. Personally, I really doubt you ever stop loving a person, but you can fall out of love with that individual!


# 2 στις 6/10/2005
Γυναίκα / 48 / Διαζευγμένη
Θέματα: 414
Απαντήσεις: 64.651
'Aρεσαν+: 0%
There is certainly a better way to say it, but personally I don't see how the specific phrase indicates towards hatred. ?

It is only a frank statement that does not necessarily mean that the other person is not worthy of love.
According to my perspective, love is a choice, and we all have a right to this choice. Not loving is also a choice, and telling someone you don't love them any more, should not be regarded as "devaluation" or rejection.

Tα πράγματα δεν είναι τόσο άσχημα όσο φαίνονται... είναι χειρότερα...

# 3 στις 22/11/2006
Ανενεργό μέλος
'Aρεσαν+: %
Well, "I don't love you anymore" this is a statement and not an attack towards the person you used to love. No matter how cruel it may sound....
Better telling someone the truth.. than leaving him/her believe otherwise. Whenever there is a start there is an end too. When the time to tell your lover that you do not love him anymore has come... it is as hard for you as it is for him. There is a loss for both.... I have been in a situation like this.... I have said it... face to face.... and believe me it was not easy.
Many times I caught myself thinking.. over and over.. would have been there a better way to say or show it? No.. the truth is the only way. This is what I would prefer if I were him.
Love hurts... and hates... but not for ever...

# 4 στις 23/11/2006
Ανενεργό μέλος
'Aρεσαν+: %
Neither do I....


# 5 στις 20/12/2006
Ανδρας / 47 / Ελεύθερος
Ν. Αττικής (Δυτική) / Ασπρόπυργος
Θέματα: 6
Απαντήσεις: 2.868
'Aρεσαν+: 0%
I don't give a s....t

# 6 στις 29/12/2006
Ανενεργό μέλος
'Aρεσαν+: %

Originally posted by Sxeseis

Plenty of people experience a crushing blow by being told, "I don't love you anymore." These are hateful words that do not inspire a healthy outlook at the world, in most cases. I turn to good logic, and now express a need for this phrase to removed from all of our memories.

I agree about the harshness of the words, but which other alternatives will really heart less?

And also those kind of statements - cruel as they may sound - represent a moment when our personalities are judged and - hopefully - forged in a harder shape, much needed to face what is really out there!!!


# 7 στις 3/3/2007
Γυναίκα / 56 / Ελεύθερη
Ν. Ξάνθης / Ξάνθη
Θέματα: 247
Απαντήσεις: 5.864
'Aρεσαν+: 0%
.........it's o.k. !!!!!!! .......
Never mind ...god bless you ..
I'll always remember you..........................

Is there something better to do?
Γεννηθήκαμε επειδή το θέλησαν κάποιοι,γνωριστήκαμε επειδή το θέλησε η μοίρα κι αγαπιόμαστε επειδή το θέλουμε εμείς.


# 8 στις 25/5/2007
Γυναίκα / 38 / Ελεύθερη
Ν. Αττικής (Αθήνα) / Αθήνα
Θέματα: 4
Απαντήσεις: 120
'Aρεσαν+: 0%
I do not agree.Rejection is hard to copy with it as it is..why should these words heve to been heard as well?We could say.."you know I do not feel the same for you anymore..".
I believe that the "I do not love you anymore" is just something that we use to hurt the other one.I think that they are really harsh words...
or maybe I 'm just too sentimental..


# 9 στις 8/8/2007
Γυναίκα / 41 / Ελεύθερη
Ν. Θεσσαλονίκης / Αγιος Αθανάσιος
Θέματα: 2
Απαντήσεις: 118
'Aρεσαν+: 0%
I wonder.. Once you love somebody, can this feeling really stop at some point?? Personally, I have never stopped loving someone although I have stopped being in love. So, when people put their feelings in words, do they really mean what they are saying, or is a harsh way of expressing themselves (not having understood what is that they are saying compared to what they really mean)?
God grand me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference..


# 10 στις 8/9/2007
Ανδρας / 63 / Παντρεμένος
Ν. Ημαθίας / Βέροια
Θέματα: 21
Απαντήσεις: 3.553
'Aρεσαν+: 0%
Καμια μεταφραση για μας που τα ξεχασαμε;;Ή αποκαλυπτουμε την ημιμαθεια μας;;:>
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